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The United States and the world are facing real pressures to find sustainable ways to create feedstock for many of our daily needs, most notably food and fuel. Algae is the best alternative candidate for meeting global needs. Algae can be produced with non-potable water sources on land that is not suitable for other agricultural uses such as urban industrial sites or desolate rural areas. Co-generation projects using waste streams to produce algae for fuel can have economic and environmental benefits.

A variety of oils, fuels, plastics, vaccines, nutraceuticals, human, animal and fish feedstocks are produced from the many strains of algae available. Development of cost-effective algae growing systems is the key to guiding this developing industry to wide-scale implementation.

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We Are New Solutions Energy

New Solutions Energy Inc. ( NSE ) is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. NSE has distilled the knowledge gained in previous growing efforts combined with modern material science manufacturing and controls to develop the first commercially available photo-bioreactors (PBR).

Luke Spangenburg | CEO

As founder of NSE, Luke oversees the development of strategic relationships with industry members and the larger community. He has been instrumental in growing the company’s value and forging relationships with the academic and corporate partners. Luke also serves as Co-Director of the Biofuels Center of Excellence and lead algae instructor at the Santa Fe Community College which showcases one of NSE’s state of the art Algae Base Station systems.

Chuck Call | CTO

Dr. Charles Call, a serial entrepreneur and systems engineer with 20 years of experience in new product development and technology commercialization. Chuck brings experience in government contracts management, having helped capture and lead $50m in government programs associated with new technology development.nly five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

With a consulting team of chemical, mechanical & electrical engineers and biology & chemistry PhDs, New Solutions Energy Inc can help you with problems large and small.

Strain Selection

NSE will assist in analyzing which algae strain is best for your water and environmental conditions. If your goal is to refine growing parameters for a specific strain before committing to a growing facility, our staff and Algae Base Station are available on a contract basis to grow your strain and tune in key growing inputs. Please use our contact form to enquire further about leasing options.

Contract Training Program

NSE has led a number of algae and alternative fuels training programs.  We will assist or lead in creating and teaching algae growing programs at your facility or ours. NSE will provide curriculum that has been approved for credit and certificate programs.

Growing System Design Overview

NSE with join with your engineers in reviewing growing system design parameters given your algae strain and production goals.

Validating Your Growing System

NSE will assist in verifying your growing, nutritional and general growing system parameters.

Integration and Cogeneration Projects

NSE will design and provide integration and commissioning of multiple technologies. Our engineering team can take you from conceptual to reality.


New Solutions Energy

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